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Safe Materials Used to Make Adult Toys, Cleaning Them, and Popular Makes Everybody Uses

Adult toys are used by billions of people around the globe at least once in their lifetimes. While masturbation, sexual intercourse, and foreplay are enjoyable for virtually everyone, adult toys enhance experiences we have in the bedroom immeasurably.

These mature devices, gadgets, and machines come in more sizes, shapes, flavors, and intended functions than one could imagine. Let’s peer into the most popular types of adult toys, how to clean them safely, and more.
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Safe materials for adult toys

Glass and steel are sturdy, generally impermeable, and overall the two safest materials for adult toys. These two substances are easy to craft, as well, but are generally only used for dildos and other phallic objects.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, for good reason often shortened to ABS plastic, is also non-porous, easy to work with, and recycle-friendly. Wood is another ideal input for crafting adult toys at Joujou, although it has the potential to absorb bodily fluids, diseases, bacteria, and more if not finished with several coats of lacquer.

Inputs that should never be used to make adult toys

Jelly rubber is the least safe material to craft adult toys on the market. Very few toys are made with jelly rubber in today’s age, although it used to be the go-to for crafting vibrators and dildos. This material contains a group of carcinogens called phthalates.

Phthalates are integral to the production of jelly rubber, as the cancer-causing chemicals weaken plastics and make jelly rubber, jelly. You can search for phthalates in your adult toys by simply smelling them. Do they smell extraordinarily plastic, like a beach ball or that “new car smell”? If so, one or more of many phthalates are likely dispersed throughout your adult toys in question – immediately throw them out.

Latex toys aren’t a good choice, either, as many people have allergies to the substance. They’re quite porous, as well, often leading to more health problems.

How to clean adult toys

Cleaning adult toys is a little more difficult than cleaning Legos, toy trucks, and other toys. Never allow adult toys to soak in water, soap, or sit for extended periods of time without washing following immediate use. Porous materials can absorb materials over time, causing them to disintegrate in several ways. They’re also prone to sucking up bodily fluids, potentially increasing the risks of disease, ailments, and infections.

Adult toys commonly found across bedroom drawers throughout modern society

No matter which statistics you reference, you’ll quickly find that vibrators are atop sales records belonging to any recent time periods of sales of adult toys. Vibrators are typically rubber, acrylic, or another plastic, combined with a power source and an off-center weight. When power is supplied, the weight rapidly revolves, causing vibrations.

Dildos are popular, as well, and are essentially faux phalluses intended to loosely replicate real penises, except they’re typically larger.

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